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Social Media for Local Business

Dave Peck at New Media Chatter, chips in with an advisory, 6 Ways Social Media Can Help A Local Business. The basics: a blog, a Facebook fan page, a Twitter account. But more importantly, taking on the role of “an expert” in your field. This concept and variations will stand as a fundamental precept for effective use of social media in local. Read more of this post


Local Social Vertical Model for News (PPT)

The slide deck below summarizes thoughts about applying social media-enabled services in local markets in a way that can provide the revenue base to sustain journalism.    Not a panacea, but embodies the unique attributes of the medium that still need to be integrated into a sustainable local ecosystem. Read more of this post

Alternative Health and The Net: Parallels in Growth

Now having plunged into complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) at the local level, I find interesting parallels between the state of CAM today and that of the Internet in pre-Netscape days of the early 1990’s. These comparisons feel a little sketchy, but the more I think about them, the more telling they appear. (CAM, also referred to as integrative medicine, includes therapies like Chinese and Indian (Ayurvedic) medicines, acupuncture reiki, reflexology, bio-feedback and others that are increasingly finding places alongside conventional care.) Read more of this post

Blending Local Verticals

Peter Krasilovsky in his Local Onliner notes a fundamental shift in local focus within the Gannett newspaper chain, reported by Wired magazine:

“The original prototype, CincyMOMs, from The Cincinatti Enquirer, brought in $386,000 in its first six months and gets 40,000 page views a day. Half of the CincyMOMS advertisers are new to the paper….Wired also notes that Gannett’s 110 papers are being reorganized by interest group. Instead of being seen as single, top-down metro paper, The Enquirer is now envisioned as 270 niche publications, including its suburban papers, neighborhoods WebSites and regional magazines.

“Reorganized by interest group…270 niches”? I can only say: Bingo. Good for Gannett. Now lets see if the corresponding blended revenue streams can fund a robust news operation.

Peter’s complete article is here.

Local Social Verticals: A Personal Impetus


In 2002 my daughter Libby tore an ACL playing summer league basketball.  After wrestling the poor kid to the car and thence to the emergency room, I proceeded to research the injury, the local docs, the rehab, the prognosis. In this process I thought: “I’m not the only one doing this.” Parents have not had a resource that informs their experience hauling kids from games and parks to schools and fields and gyms. “We need one,” says I.  I assembled a proto site site with the able assistance of Jonathan Lundardi and Dave Leichtman.  It is on the list.