taylor walsh

Since leaping into cyberspace in the early 1980’s, I’ve found myself at the forefront of each Next New Phase of the networked world.  I’ve been most attracted to the potentials inherent in the medium’s ability to connect people around their interests, and most of my work has been directed to finding sustainable forms to enable that.  I was admonished by a pal of mine in the earliest years that “online community” was going nowhere.  Up to a point, that was an overstatement.  Thanks to the lads who invented internet protocols and HTTP, by now it is everywhere, in the form of social networks and the social media that drive them.  By now, the web is entirely “social.”

I am continuing to work and consult in the social media front, in particular in local markets where I am convinced we’ll gradually rearrange relationships to create a salutary media space in which news can get done professionally with solid citizen contributions, merchants will connect with their customers in convenient fashion, and people will have as much access to essential information, and to each other, as they care to have.


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