Social Media for Local Business

Dave Peck at New Media Chatter, chips in with an advisory, 6 Ways Social Media Can Help A Local Business. The basics: a blog, a Facebook fan page, a Twitter account. But more importantly, taking on the role of “an expert” in your field. This concept and variations will stand as a fundamental precept for effective use of social media in local.

My comment on Dave’s post:

“The secret for any local merchant is that they are already part of one or maybe many more social networks. In the old days, those were called “market segments;” but that phrase must be BANNED forevermore; it is far too static for the dynamism inherent in any social network that can now be animated by social media.”

Plus: if you attach your Twitter address to your napkins, brochures, shopping bags, store signs, ads on the sides of buses, you get more directly inside the flow of viral networking among people likely to have an interest in your stuff.


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